Pool Service and Maintenance

Pool Guys are your specialists for mobile pool servicing:

  • Regular scheduled pool cleaning, maintenance and service
  • Green Pool clean up
  • One off cleans up for parties or house inspections
  • On site water testing and balancing using professional grade photometer
  • Pool equipment repairs
  • Pool equipment installation and upgrades
  • Swimming pool filter sand changes and cartridge replacements
  • Repairs on leaking solar heating

Our main focus is on getting your swimming pool clean, safe to swim and looking its best.
We use quality chemicals to optimise your water chemistry for both comfort and to keep it in pristine condition, and know what chemicals and procedures to use to treat any problems and keep them from recurring.

The Pool Guys network sources equipment from the best manufacturers and distributors in Australia.
We have negotiated great deals with most of these, and so we are able to pass on these savings to the customer.
Being mobile based, means Pool Guys don’t have the extra costs associated with supporting a store and staff all year round, and so don’t pass on these extra costs to your pool service or pool equipment installation.
Our standard serviceĀ  includes photometric water testing and balancing, scoop leaves, vacuum pool floor, scrub pool walls, empty all baskets and cleaner, service and lubricate pump and equipment, backwash filter or clean cartridge filter.
Any chemicals required to balance the water and treat problems are at additional cost.
Our pool technician will use your chemicals from site, but also carry most chemicals required for day to day balancing, sanitising and cleaning and stain treatments.
You will find our price for pool cleaning and chemicals reasonable than most of other pool servicing business.

We have professional and friendly Pool Technicians available to service your pool in the following regions:

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