Our Services

Our standard service includes photometric water testing and balancing, scoop leaves, vacuum pool floor, scrub pool walls, empty all baskets and cleaner, service and lubricate pump and equipment, backwash filter or clean cartridge filter. Any chemicals required to balance the water and treat problems are at additional cost. Our pool technician will use your chemicals from site, but also carry most chemicals required for day to day balancing, sanitising and cleaning and stain treatments.

Pool blankets & pool rollers

There is a range of pool blankets or pool covers, made with different materials to suit the needs of the pool owner and the pool location.

Basic differences are outdoor vs indoor, heating via the suns rays vs insulating for pools with heating.

There are differing grades based on thickness which will make a difference to the look of the pool blanket when it is on, the effectiveness of the pool covers insulation and also relates to warranty length.

Rollers too, have a wide selection based on quality, height, and nowadays, there is even an option for the pool roller to be powered by mains or solar.

We can measure up your pool, advise you on the best type of blanket and roller for your needs and budget, then come out and install it for you.