Scheduled servicing

Pool Guys speciality is in maintaining your pool throughout the year.
We can arrange a pool service schedule to suit your budget and pool needs, flexible to change through the seasons.
Our regular service includes 5 point water testing, clean and service the equipment, clean cover, scoop surface and floor debris, vacuum pool to filter or waste as required, and brush down walls and floor.
We can supply pool chemicals, or if you have your own supply, we are happy to use these as required.

One off pool cleaning

Pool Guys understand that some people actually enjoy looking after their pool.
We also know that at times the pool can get out of hand.
If your pool has been neglected for several years, or weeks, if it is green, black or you are just concerned about the water balance, then give us a call and we will be happy to come and get the pool back to pristine condition.

Our pool cleaning services are available for one off cleanups. If your pool has gotten out of hand, you have an upcoming party or you want your property looking its best for an open home, give us a call to come and get your pool looking great.

Pool servicing prices

Cost of a standard pool service starts at $77 depending on location.
This includes water testing and balancing, scoop leaves, vacuum pool floor, scrub pool walls, empty all baskets and cleaner, service and lubricate pump and equipment, backwash filter or clean cartridge filter.
Any chemicals required to balance the water and treat problems are at additional cost.
The service fee covers 1 hour of labour, most services should take between 30 and 45 minutes though.
Our pool technician will use your chemicals from site, but also carry most chemicals required for day to day balancing, sanitising and cleaning and stain treatments.