Pool Maintenence Illawarra

The Importance of Pool Cleaning in Illawarra

Any pool that isn’t maintained on a regular basis can very quickly go green- this is especially true in the summer months. This typically occurs because once the available chlorine gets used up, any algae spores that are in the water get a chance to thrive. If the phosphate or any other nutrient levels in the water are very high, your pool can actually go green overnight. If you ignore this and leave the pool the way it is, within a very short time you will find that the water has gone completely black.

We at Pool Guys are the experts who can get your green/black pool clean within no time at all. We have the expertise, experience, technology and the resources to tackle all types of pool cleaning jobs in an efficient and meticulous manner.

How We Clean a Green Pool

We follow a very methodical and time-tested approach to cleaning a green pool:

  • The first thing we do is shock and balance the swimming pool- this immediately kills all the nasty algae and bacteria
  • The next step is to add specialised pool  clarifier chemicals- This ensures that all the debris and dirt sinks to the pool floor
  • Our expert Pool Technician in Illawarra will then vacuum all this dirt and debris away
  • The pool walls and  floor will be brushed down to remove the bio layers of algae
  • Once all of this is one, our technician will then test & balance the water to make sure that it’s at safe levels again
  • The pool equipment will be returned to automatic mode

This step-by-step approach ensures that every little issue related to a green/black pool is addressed and that your pool is back to its pristine condition. With years of experience under our belt, when it comes to Pool Servicing in Illawarra, we can handle it all.

Pools- The Maintenance Aspect

The one way to ensure that these types of pool problems don’t occur in the future, is to opt for our specialised and scheduled Pool Maintenance in Illawarra services, which include:

  • 5-point On-site water testing & balancing – with the use of a professional grade photometer
  • Clean cover & Scoop leaves
  • Empty cleaner and baskets
  • Scoop all surface & floor debris
  • Brush down the walls & floor
  • Vacuum the pool (to waste if necessary)
  • Pool filter sand change when required
  • Cartridge replacements when required
  • Service and lubricate pump as well as other equipment
  • Pool equipment installation & upgrades

Some  of our customers have a very good stock of pool cleaning chemicals and we are more than happy  to use these in the work. Alternatively, we can use our own  chemicals, however  these will be charged at additional cost. We can clean even the most  stubborn stains  from your pool and will use different  specialised chemicals, based on how severe the problem is.

High Grade Pool Servicing in Illawarra Solutions

With us handling all your pool servicing and maintenance work , you have peace of mind that the:

  • Pool will be clean at all times
  • Chlorine levels will be maintained at the required levels
  • pH levels will be just right
  • Pool equipment like pumps etc will always be in top working condition
  • Water will be safe and clean to swim in
  • Right chemicals and cleaning equipment will be used in the work
  • Pool Technician in Illawarra will come to your property as scheduled and will carry out the work in a meticulous manner

While we focus on ensuring that the job is carried out as per your expectations, we also use processes that help ensure you don’t have  to deal with any  recurring pool issues . This saves you hassles and a significant amount of  money in  the long term. For more information about our Pool Maintenance in Illawarra services,  call Pool Guys at 0488 013 344. You can also use this online form to contact us.

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