Pool Maintenance Southern Highlands

Where Can You Get the Best Pool Maintenance in Southern Highlands?

We are the Pool Guys and are passionate about the manner in which we handle any Pool Maintenance in Southern Highlands.  We are the experts who go out of our way to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the job we handle for you. When you opt for any of our Pool Services in Southern Highlands, you are assured that the work will be completed methodically, efficiently and professionally.

This service includes:

  • Full Water Test & Balance- Our technician will test for all the chemical levels & then balance the pool as required. We can supply chemicals, but will use those on site first
  • Emptying the skimmer & pump baskets
  • Backwashing the sand filter/cleaning the filter cartridge
  • The salt cell/ the chlorinator injection point will be cleaned
  • The suspended or surface debris will be removed
  • The walls, steps and the swim out area will be brushed down as required
  • We also carry out a full vacuum  of the pool  as part of Pool Cleaning in Southern Highlands 
  • Detailed Equipment Check- We thoroughly inspect the filters, pumps, automatic pool cleaners and chlorinators,  as well as the exposed plumbing. In most cases, if we find anything is broken, we will endeavour to repair it straight away, or asoon as possible if parts are needed
  • Larger Repairs- In case we find that larger repairs are required, we will provide a quote. Once you approve that, we will carry out the work in an expert manner

During the Pool Servicing in Southern Highlands visit, we will provide you a complete report on all the work that has been completed. In case you have any urgent services requests, we handle those too.

Green Pool Cleaning

Some people like to handle cleaning & maintenance of their pool themselves; however, there could be times when the pool condition gets out of hand. If you’ve been too busy to clean the pool for a few weeks, you may just find that it has turned green or black. In this event, its best to call the Pool Guys without delay. Our Pool Technician in Southern Highlands will come over to your location within the shortest possible time and attend to the issue in an expert manner. We handle Green Pool Clean up in a very detailed way:

  • The first thing we do is shock & then balance the swimming pool- this instantantly kills all the harmful algae and bacteria
  • The next step is addition of the specialised pool  clarifier chemicals- this makes the debris and dirt sink to the pool floor
  • This will be vacuumed away
  • The  pool walls & floor will then be scrubbed clean- the best commercial agents will be used
  • Our expert technician will then test as well as balance the water & ensure that it is back at safe levels again
  • The pool equipment will be returned into automatic mode

Other Services

Many customers also opt for our one-off Pool Servicing in Southern Highlands. Homeowners generally require this when they are getting a home inspection done, or have a party at their home, or even if they are having an open house. We are the experts who can attend to these jobs too and all these services are available at very reasonable pricing.

We have extensive knowledge about these things and have years of experience behind us too. We are the pool specialists who handle pool maintenance, servicing and Pool Pump repairs in Southern Highlands efficiently and effectively. What makes us the preferred professionals in this field is the fact that we maintain very high standards of quality even as we keep our costs very low. For more information, call Pool Guys at 0488 013 344. You can also use this online form to contact us.

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