Pool Maintenance Mittagong

Why Opt For Our Pool Cleaning in Mittagong?

You love having a pool on your property, enjoy spending leisurely moments there with your family and friends; however, the one thing you dislike is cleaning and maintaining the pool. This can be a tedious and time-consuming task, and with the busy schedule you keep, there could be times when you are unable to keep the maintenance and upkeep of the pool at the levels you would like to.

The one way to be assured that the job will be done in an expert manner, on schedule and at very reasonable rates is to hire experienced professionals like Pool Guys  for all your  regular Pool Maintenance in Mittagong. We provide a mobile Pool Cleaning in Mittagong service and this ensures you get high grade services at very cost-effective price points. Since we don’t have to spend large amounts on office infrastructure and staff, we are able to provide you with reasonably priced solutions every single time.

Pool Cleaning Service

Take a look at the different things we do as part of our pool cleaning service:

  • All the leaves and/or the debris will be scooped from the pool
  • The waterline is brushed or scrubbed where required
  • We will vacuum the pool as required
  • If our Pool Technician in Mittagong notices any stubborn stains anywhere on the pool tiling, those will be scrubbed clean too
  • The lint baskets and the skimmer will be emptied
  • The filter will either be backwashed or cleaned
  • Our technician will visually check all the equipment for faults and you will immediately be informed about  them

We always carry a large amount of specialised pool chemicals and will add the right amounts to the water as required- this saves you from constantly transporting ay heavy drums and avoids bleaching your clothes in case there is a spillage. If any Pool Pump Repairs in Mittagong have to be carried out, they will be carried out only after prior approval from you


Green Pool Cleaning

This is another job we handle with the highest levels of expertise.

  • The first thing we do is shock & balance the swimming pool- this quickly kills all the nasty algae & bacteria
  • The next step is the addition of specialised pool clarifier chemicals- This helps the debris and dirt sink to the pool floor
  • Our expert Pool Technician in Mittagong will then vacuum all this dirt & debris away
  • The pool walls & floor will be scrubbed clean with the use of the latest commercial agents
  • The water will be tested & balanced to ensure its at safe levels
  • The pool equipment will then be returned to automatic mode

For more information about our customised Pool Maintenance in Mittagong, call Pool Guys at 0488 013 344. You can also use this online form to contact us.


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