Pool Maintaince Goulburn

Pool Servicing in Goulburn

When it comes to Pool Servicing in Goulburn, regularity and meticulousness is what matters the most. There are a number of aspects involved in this job and is something many homeowners neglect to do. When you have a pool, you want to be assured that it is clean and that the chlorine levels are maintained and that it is safe to swim in. This is exactly what Pool Guys help with. We are the experts who are highly focused in the manner in which we handle Pool Maintenance in Goulburn. As part of these services, we tackle:

Scheduled Pool Maintenance, Cleaning & Service

We can arrange a scheduled pool service to suit your pool needs and your budget. We also provide flexible options which can change right through the seasons. Our standard services include:

  • On-site 5-point Photometric water-testing & balancing
  • Clean cover
  • Scoop leaves
  • Vacuum pool – this filters and helps get rid of waste
  • Scoop surface & floor debris
  • Brush down the walls & floor
  • Empty all baskets & cleaner
  • Pool filter sand change & cartridge replacements
  • Service and lubricate pump as well as other equipment
  • Pool equipment installation & upgrades

Any chemicals that are required to balance the pool water or treat problems are typically at additional cost and will not be included in the package you choose. However, we can also use chemicals that you already have. Regardless of how big or small the job, if you have a Pool Cleaning in Goulburn requirement, we are the company to come to.

We understand that every customer has different requirements and so we provide solutions that are completely in-line with your specific needs.  We work in a very unobtrusive manner and when you opt for our Pool Maintenance in Goulburn annual packages, you are assured that your pool will be clean and the water safe to swim in, right round the year.

One-Off Pool Cleaning

We do understand that you as the homeowner sometimes prefer to handle the cleaning and maintenance of your pool by yourself; however, there may be times when the condition of the pool may just get out of hand. In case you haven’t been able to attend to the pool for weeks and notice that it’s either green/black, call us without delay. We can handle Green Pool Clean-up in an expert manner and will get your pool into a pristine condition within no time at all.

In addition, we offer one-off Pool Cleaning in Goulburn too. Most customers require this service for house inspections or parties. You will surely want your property looking its best for an open house; if you are hosting a special party, you want to make sure that the pool is sparkling clean; Pool Guys are just a phone call away- we will come over to your location and ensure the work is completed in a meticulous manner.

Use of Latest Technology and Processes  

Our priority is to get your pool clean & ensure it looks its best and is safe to swim in. We use very high quality chemicals- these add to the comfort, optimise the water chemistry, and keep the pool in top condition. We also use very specialised procedures and chemicals to treat existing problems- this prevents recurrence of these issues.

We use the latest technology & equipment from the topmost manufacturers & distributors in the country and make sure that our work exceeds your expectations. Ours is a mobile company and this means we don’t have to deal with infrastructure and store overheads right round the year.

In effect, this means we are able to maintain extremely reasonable pricing for all our services and this provides you value for money. Regardless of what kind of pool work you need done, our Pool Technician in Goulburn will be able to handle it with the highest levels of expertise. For more information, call Pool Guys at 0488 013 344. You can also use this online form to contact us.


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